We are excited to announce that Local Media Connections LLC is now L2N Media, a full service ad agency specializing in online, print & mobile advertising.

L2N Media, operates out of Roseville CA, headed by Jennie Park. Having specialized in yellow page advertising for regional and nationwide clients for the past 15 years, we have watched how search programs have changed. Yellow pages once was the main medium you needed to be in and now if you’re not marketing on multiple channels you could be missing out on a big portion of the population. Wanting to create an agency that helped companies sort through the ever changing marketing world Jennie started Local Media Connections LLC three years ago, now operating as L2N Media. The programs at L2N Media span the media landscape , including mobile, video, text messaging and internet marketing. In addition we offer traditional programs representing all yellow page publishers across the US, newspapers and direct mail services. Our goal is to be able to leverage the best programs to create comprehensive programs for our clients.In addition to traditional subscription advertising we also specialize in pay-per-performance campaigns through many of our media programs, including mobile, yellow pages, newspapers and online. A pay-per-performance campaign means you only pay for qualified calls, terms of which are negotiated prior to the program starting.

With the services provided by L2N media, no longer do you need to talk with several different vendors. We will do the the research for you and offer bundled programs whenever possible that would not be otherwise available. In an ever changing marketplace, its important to have someone on your side. We understand both the digital and print world and will help you navigate the programs that will perform best for your company.

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