• By local media
  • February 7, 2014
  • Business

At L2N Media we believe that just as in real estate, location is key in internet marketing! With the proper program you can garner multiple listings on front page results giving you the best opportunity to reach customers when they are searching.

Key Benefits:

  • Targeted pay-per-click (SEM) programs that puts your site in top position and speak directly to search queries for your best performing keywords.
  • Targeted organic listings (SEO) programs moving your site to first page and top positions for key search queries.
  • Establishing a social media presence to connect with current and new customers on social media platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.. As well as reputation management products to help you know what your customers are saying after they transact at your place of business.
  • Help with establishing and updating online listings with multiple platforms such as Google MyBusiness /Places, Bing Local, YahooLocal, Yelp, YP.com, Whitepages.com, etc… As well as updating your information with top database providers that serve hundreds of sites across the web.

Online marketing has evolved immensely over the past 15 years. What was once seen as the Wild, Wild West on the internet has been more and more “regulated” by the Googles of the world with their notorious algorithm updates (Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, etc…).

These updates have helped to do away with many of the “black Hat” tactics that developers used to garner better ranking, but also created a necessity for someone with expertise to help navigate the proper and best channels to get your site listed. What once could be handled by yourself, takes so much time now, it mandates constant attention.

L2N Media is aligned with multiple top of the line partners to get you up and listed on the first page of results across the web. We can provide multiple bids to get you the best program to fit your needs. We have the means to help everyone from the small business owner to multi-billion dollar companies. Local to national, we can get your website in front of your customers when they are searching.